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Web Development

The term web development is concerned with a wide range of activities related to web development. This can be differentiated into four categories namely web designing, web software development like eCommerce software and web applications, management and configuration of the web server. In simple words this can be summed up as website creation, building and maintenance of it. Web development can precisely be divided into two client-side development and server side development.

Server side development focuses on programming influencing the server. Server side development is very popular in

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Coldfusion
  • PHP

Client side development concentrates on code influencing the procedures happenings within a visitor’s browser

  • JQuery
  • Prototpye
  • Script.aculo.us

Web development can make the creation of a website as complex as the owner wishes it to be. It encompasses the task of building websites which are very simple sites that are too complex. Too complex web development is used by the large business enterprises that have to maintain huge data and information. They employ a highly professional team to create, run and maintain such a complex network, while small enterprises or single individual uses a fundamental website template.

A site's appearance and the interaction with a customer with it is the concern of a web designer when the web developer is concerned with the back end. The back end includes the interactions and programming. A web developer is concerned with the working of the site and enabling the customers to get things done for which they employ it. The strategies of web development comprise the e-commerce business, web content development, web designing, server and client coding, and web server configuration.

For making an initial investment, each organization should be aware of the social, financial and technical benefits of web accessibility. Web access is made available to all at the same time in all regions. People who use older technology, older as well youngsters, people in rural as well as people in urban areas, people using mobile phones, and people with low bandwidth are provided with the same access to the all web technologies made available in the portal of an organization. By undertaking web development from initial investment to maintenance, cost can be managed according to the owner’s capacity. Web site usage can be optimized through search engine optimization. Time for building up and maintaining website can be saved.

Like the motivations and objectives of different enterprises vary so does its business cases to the web access vary. A well designed business case of a specific organization has dissimilar style and content organized in multiple aspects emphasizing and focusing on the organizational objectives.

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